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Health, Safety & Environment Policy

The objective is to develop safe work procedures by addressing controls in order of effectiveness and preference.

  • The personal safety and health of each employ of this company is of primary importance. The policy will be to maintain a safe and healthy working environment at all times and to comply with the local safety requirements.

  • All employees are encouraged to evaluate their work methods and areas for potential safety hazards and/or ideas for improving safety in their work environment.

  • On an annual basis the company will conduct a thorough self-inspection to identify any potential safety hazards and create a formal action plan for improving the safety operations.

  • Managers will be responsible for creating and maintaining safe work procedures necessary to prevent and control hazards that have been identified through the worksite analysis.

  • Employees are required to wear protective clothing and equipment as indicate by their departments safe work procedures.

  • All Employees are instructed to be continuously aware of fire prevention even though the company does not engage in activities that present a high fire danger.

  • The Safety Coordinator will work in conjunction with Department managers to implement and maintain a Hazard Communication program for all work operations in our company where employees may be exposed to hazardous substances under normal working conditions or during an emergency situation.

  • A first-aid kit will be kept in the office/workshop premises and the purchase will be responsible for replenishing the supplies in the kit.

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